Investment Management

"Money is of a prolific generating nature. Money can beget money, and its offspring can beget more." Benjamin Franklin

Lee Investment Management offers ongoing investment management of client portfolios. Each portfolio is developed to meet the client's personal financial risk and return objectives in a tax-efficient way. The goal is to create, monitor and maintain a portfolio that produces your desired after-tax rate of return with the lowest possible risk.

We manage our client's portfolios with the following guiding principles:

Diversification Is Key

Lee Investment Management structures client portfolios across a broad range of investment types. We believe diversification allows us to optimize the rate of return for any given level of portfolio risk. As such, we deploy investments across cash, bonds, stocks, and other asset classes to meet our client's objectives.

The proportion of investments dedicated to each asset class will depend on the client's desired rate of return, appetite for risk and time horizon.

We use no-load or load-waived mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and in some cases, individual securities to build client portfolios.

Professional Investment Selection and Monitoring

Because we are independent, we are not restricted in the type of investment we decide to include in our client's portfolios. Because we are fiduciaries, we select investments that we believe best serve our client's interests.

We do our own research, employing a rigorous investment manager selection and monitoring process. When reviewing investment candidates, attention is paid to, among other things, risk-adjusted returns, portfolio turnover, manager tenure and expenses. Our clients benefit from our professional, unbiased investment selection process.

Risk Testing To Provide Peace of Mind

We want our clients to reach their financial goals, no matter what market conditions may occur. As such, we test each client portfolio against possible bear market returns. In addition, we use Monte Carlo analysis to simulate thousands of possible return sequences to ensure your portfolio has a strong chance to meet your financial objectives.

Rebalancing Can Boost Long-Term Returns and Control Volatility

Lee Investment Management monitors its client's portfolios on an ongoing basis. When necessary, we will readjust each portfolio back to its target asset allocation. This portfolio rebalancing requires discipline because portions of the best performing asset classes must be reallocated to underperforming asset classes. Through rebalancing, we attempt to boost long-term returns and control the volatility of client portfolios.