Lee Investment Management was founded in 1998 out of the belief that clients deserve a trusted advisor who is passionate about helping them reach their goals. An advisor who always puts the client’s interests first and who states its fees with complete transparency so that clients could confidently evaluate the value of the service.

James Lee, the founder of Lee Investment Management, has over 20 years of experience in the investment industry. The first decade of his career was dedicated to serving institutional investors – mutual fund and pension fund managers – with research on individual investments and industries.

Naturally, friends and family would seek investment advice from James. During these conversations, James realized that many people who were working with financial advisors were being underserved. There was little communication, little financial planning, little understanding of their portfolios and the fees they were paying, and low satisfaction.

There was a better way. And so, Lee Investment Management was launched.

James established Lee Investment Management as an independent Registered Investment Advisor. In doing so, he established that Lee Investment Management would be held to a fiduciary standard of care. This means Lee Investment Management is legally required to put the client’s interest before its own at all times and to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Compare this to the lower suitability standard of care that advisors at broker dealer firms are held to. This standard allows brokers to recommend products that are just suitable for the client’s situation and no disclosure is required for possible conflicts of interest.

In addition, James established a clear and simple compensation structure that allows clients to know exactly how much they pay for our advice. As a fee-only advisor, Lee Investment Management is compensated solely from fees paid its clients. No commissions, no trailers, no hidden expenses.

At Lee Investment Management, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their individual goals with personalized financial planning and investment management strategies.